Our logistics: numerous options at high speed.

Combined train transports to Italy? Direct sea crossings to England? Container train blocks on the night run to Rotterdam? Those who have already forwarded freight through KCT Krefelder Container Terminal GmbH know that we provide these and many other intermodal alternatives.

Our container hub in the industrial heartland of Germany is characterised by a balanced range of services, central links to major European destinations and ideal pre-carriage and on-carriage routes. Operating 24 hours a day, the trimodal handling terminal situated on the banks of the River Rhine enables barges and all Rhine-going sea vessels to be processed smoothly. We run attractive, regular services providing the best connections between the ARA ports and, under cooperation agreements, also offer direct short sea crossings to four ports on the east coast of England. In addition, our customers profit from numerous international rail links as a particular feature of KCT's services.


Why not make use of our specific strengths in the neska intermodal terminal network? We can help you to arrange your logistics in a more economic, flexible manner in future and conserve resources at the same time!