Local expertise with Europe-wide perspectives.

Whether in the region or over greater distances: KCT Krefelder Container Terminal GmbH combines the best possible logistics services. We are the ideal partner for pre-carriage and on-carriage transports throughout the Ruhr region. More than 70 per cent of the traffic volume is processed within a radius of 50 kilometres. In addition, we organise competitive, multimodal chains of transport along the entire length of the River Rhine with links to transport systems across the globe.


The port of Rotterdam is just five hours away on the night run with container train blocks. Moreover, international rail links, for example to Vienna and Mortara in northern Italy, enable even large numbers of containers to be transported reliably in an environmentally-compatible manner.

A fleet of vehicles tailored to the needs of shipping agencies ensures a 24-hour delivery and collection service in the network with customized delivery models.